Growing Cabernet Sauvignon in a 2 acre vineyard on Howell Mountain is very labor intensive. The only work done by machine is the mowing of the permanent cover crop that grows between each row of vines.

Although we have a vineyard manager, we do much of the unskilled vineyard work ourselves. This work keeps us physically active, sensitive to the demands on farm workers, and in touch with what’s going on in our vineyard year to year.

Periodically, we send emails to our subscribers with photos and explanations of the work we’re doing in the vineyard and updates on the growing season. Scroll down to see the emails we sent to subscribers in the past. If you’re not already a subscriber, we encourage you to become one. You’ll begin receiving our emails and announcements without any obligation to buy.

Harvest 2021

We harvested our vineyard on October 19, about a week earlier than usual. Early harvest was typical in Napa Valley this year. The grapes are dark blue, the seeds are brown, the grape juice is light pink, and the skins are soft. That means they’re...

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Back at the ranch

This is a desirable cluster of Cabernet Sauvignon. All of the grapes completed veraison (turned from green to blue) in mid-August, the cluster is long and tight, it’s hanging in the primary fruit zone, and it’s in a cone shape. Every August we cut off and...

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At approximately 5 am on May 20 the temperature in our vineyard plummeted to 28 degrees. During the following 2 hours about 900 of our vines, or 20% of our vineyard, sustained frost damage. Among the vines, you can see the top of our green cold...

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Renewed Hope

After last year’s total crop loss attributable to smoke taint from wildfire, we begin our 19th year of vineyard farming with renewed hope. The sky is clear, the grass is green, the afternoons are warm, and the new shoots are beautiful. This is a typical vine...

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Looks can be deceiving

Our Cabernet Sauvignon grapes look ripe, juicy, and delicious right? We recently received lab test results that confirmed what we suspected. Our 2020 grapes are not suitable for winemaking because they absorbed too much wildfire smoke. Many of our fellow growers received similar test results. In...

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Relieved, Grateful, and Anxious

This photo was taken on our property on August 19, about 4 hours before the police entered our driveway and directed us to evacuate our Angwin home. The view is north toward Pope Valley. The smoke plume you see is from the LNU Complex fire,...

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Isn’t he cute?

That is not our newest pet. That’s a coyote that somehow got into our deer fenced property. Gerry encountered him early morning while walking to the back of the vineyard. After the coyote playfully posed for about 15 pics, Gerry resumed his vineyard work ...

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A silent tribute

This is the first time the update you of our work in the vineyard and our growing season is without text. It’s our silent tribute to all the caring and selfless first responders, healthcare professionals, and other essential workers doing what they do everyday for the...

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Harvest 2019 – A Beautiful Harvest Day

We harvested on Halloween. It’s Gerry’s favorite day because he gets to drive his tractor for 4 hours non-stop and our vineyard manager makes him feel useful. Barb is screaming “Do not look at the camera. Keep your eyes on that end post!” The crew member...

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Tom has a twin brother

A few years ago we introduced you to the feral cat that hunts varmints in our vineyard. We affectionately call him Tom. In early August, the cat in the photo walked onto our property. We thought it was Tom, until he playfully approached Barb. We...

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