Growing Cabernet Sauvignon in a 2 acre vineyard on Howell Mountain is very labor intensive. The only work done by machine is the mowing of the permanent cover crop that grows between each row of vines.

Although we have a vineyard manager, we do much of the unskilled vineyard work ourselves. This work keeps us physically active, sensitive to the demands on farm workers, and in touch with what’s going on in our vineyard year to year.

Periodically, we send emails to our subscribers with photos and explanations of the work we’re doing in the vineyard and updates on the growing season. Scroll down to see the emails we sent to subscribers in the past. If you’re not already a subscriber, we encourage you to become one. You’ll begin receiving our emails and announcements without any obligation to buy.


Last Chance for 15% Discount

Our 3 current release wines remain available on our website at a 15% discount, if you buy the 3 bottle tasting package or a case. On April 30, the 15% discount will end, the remaining bottles will be moved to our “library” to benefit from additional...

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Harvest 2018 – Our Latest Ever

Is Barb celebrating with White Zinfandel? Say it ain’t so! Has the menial farm labor forced her over the edge? What’s next? Hard apple cider? Actually she’s drinking our 2018 Cabernet Sauvignon on the day of harvest. Technically it’s only grape juice, but that’s as “red” as...

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Congratulations Shannon and Alex!

Meet our recently engaged daughter Shannon and her fiancé Alex. They visited us shortly after the vineyard was pruned on March 27. Alex made the mistake of asking Gerry if we needed help in the vineyard. Within 30 minutes they were tying the cordons to the training wires...

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Ready or not, here we go again…

  Relax Tom. It’s remarkable that a year ago, if we got within 50 yards of Tom, he’d run fast and far. Now he sits confidently on our garden bed, 20 feet from our back door, as if he owns the place. Tom is one prong of...

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Harvest 2017

We harvested our vineyard October 28. Harvesting the last week in October is normal for us although this was not a normal year. Our total yield was 25% less than last year. The unusual weather, especially the June hail storm during pollination, affected us more...

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Sadness and Gratitude

You probably have seen numerous photos and videos of the widespread devastation in northern California caused by the recent wildfires. Four of our friends lost their homes. Thousands lost their homes and businesses. Many lost their lives. The photo shows the view from Howell Mountain...

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It’s Been a Hail of a Year

We had snow in March, wind so strong in April that it toppled a 40’ oak tree on the edge of our vineyard, and a hail storm on June 11. We’re bracing for a swarm of locusts. The hail arrived late afternoon, and during a...

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Is that a Science Lab?

Or is it an art lab?  Meet Bob Bolan, the winemaker that makes our Cabernet Sauvignon.  Bob is conducting blending trials now for several wines he's making, including our 2014 vintage, that will be bottled in August.  Bob usually blends very small percentages of at...

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We need the rain but…

Winter persists on Howell Mountain. Normally, the seasonal rain ends in March and resumes in November. It has rained every week in April and the high temperatures have occasionally and briefly reached the 60s.  We need about 6 months of heat and sunshine for the...

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