Hard At Work

Growing Cabernet Sauvignon on Howell Mountain is very labor intensive.  This is especially true of a small vineyard in which the only work done by machine is the mowing of the permanent cover crop that grows between each row of vines.  Although we have a vineyard manager, we do much of the unskilled vineyard work ourselves.inthevineyards

In the photo shown, we are preparing the vineyard for pruning which happens in March. Each of our 4600 vines grows approximately 16 canes.  Each cane grows approximately 5 feet tall.  At pruning each cane (approximately 73,000) is cut by skilled pruners. We remove all the cuttings from the vineyard.

This work keeps us physically active, sensitive to the demands on farm workers, and in touch with what’s going on in our vineyard year to year.  Periodically, we will upload photos to our website showing you the work we’re doing.

Now we wait hopefully for buds to appear in anticipation of another bountiful harvest!


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