We moved 2,000 miles across the country, away from our family and friends to seek our dreams.  We’re proud to bring you Seek wines.  It is perhaps the biggest dream (and challenge) we’ve sought so far.  It may sound a bit crazy, but let us explain.

This adventure is our most recent dream, but it follows a list of plans and dreams we have pursued since graduating high school together in 1975.  It began with our decisions to attend colleges 300 miles apart and to marry immediately after college graduation.  Since then we have changed addresses, jobs, and our minds.  Along the way, we took a variety of investment risks others thought were crazy while raising a family which included 3 children, a golden retriever, and a cat named Heidi.

We aren’t crazy. We are partners who continue to dream. Every decision we made in pursuit of our dreams has been discussed, analyzed, and decided together.  When we began drinking wine regularly together in 1990, our dreams as well as our discussions, analysis, and decision-making became a lot more inspired and fun!  We intend to keep dreaming and working.

Seek wines are made for the dreamers and those who continue to seek their dreams where others wouldn’t dare.  Open a bottle of Seek the next time you’re pondering your dreams.  Seek inspiration, seek happiness, seek your dreams.


Gerard and Barbara Sieck


Our 2 acre vineyard is perched on Howell Mountain in California’s Napa Valley.  It provides unique climate, soil and challenges.  When we bought our property on Howell Mountain in 2002, we never dreamed we would begin producing wine under our own label.  We were content to sell the grapes.  When we considered producing small quantities of several wines  the experts told us we were crazy.

We knew we couldn’t do it alone and started talking with people who could help us make it happen.  We found the right partners for our adventure and pushed forward.

We’re optimistic that producing and selling wine will allow us to smooth the rocky road that Mother Nature requires us to navigate each year.  We invite you to experience Howell Mountain.